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For each main character, consider the following:




-Point of Vulnerability:

-Current Living Conditions:

-Personal Habits: Dress, manners, ect.:

-Where s/he grew up:

-Physical appearance and how s/he feels about it:

-Main attitudes about people and events:

-Main shaping incidents in past influencing present life:

-Dominant Attitude:

-What his/her parents are like:

-His/Her relationship with other family members:

-Schooling and his/her performance there:

-Others think of him/her as:

-What s/he likes to do in her free time:

-S/he is passionate about:

-One thing s/he wants more than anything else:

-His/Her major flaw:

-His/her major strong point:

-What I love about this character:

-The secret(s) to be revealed:
For christmas I got a book on self-editing. This is part of it I felt I should share for all of you who have characters that you love as much as any author should love his/her characters.
It's just like an OC quiz.
Do it if you have a character, make a deviation out of it (or a journal entry).
I will... after I get back from choir.

This quiz is part of:
-Revision & Self-Editing by James Scott Bell ($16.99 at Borders Bookstores)
coolcatjas Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks interesting, i'll give it a shot.... some other time XD
Horolove-Asakura Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2008
Yeah, it takes a long time to do if you do it well... I'm still working on mine. xD
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